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Save money and use a garbage sack for your diaper genie!

Does anyone dread going to the store because you know you have to buy a diaper genie refill and spend a lot of money on something you just throw away? Well I do, and I have come up with a solution on how to not buy them anymore and save money! Plus, it’s soooo easy!!  YAY!! We get 3 loads out of our refills, and a single refill is $5. So, we were pretty much paying $1.75 to hold my babies diapers. If you use a garbage sack instead it will only cost about 10 cents per load of diapers. ( Don’t judge my math, these are all estimates, but you get my drift.) Yeah, I will take that over  $1.75 any day. Here is how!

All you need is:
Any garbage sack
Diaper genie refill that needs to be refilled. Haha. I thought that was funny! If you didn’t get it, it’s just an empty diaper genie refill.

Start out by putting your empty refill upside down. Put your garbage sack in the little slot where the previous one use to be. Do this all the way around it. You’ll have to bunch it a bit because the sack isn’t meant for this, but it works! When you’re all done it should look like number 3 of my pictures.

Keep pushing it through, you’re almost done! 
Done. Finally. Put your hand in the bag and pull out. Your refill should still be upside down.
Keep pulling through….
Done. Now even out your garbage sack and….
VOILA! You’re done! Told you it was easy. 
Save money, live better. That’s my motto. Wait maybe that’s Walmart’s….well it’s mine too! 🙂 I truly hope this makes you, and your babies life easier. 
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