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Annie is 9 months old!

I can’t believe it! Annie is 9 months old already, oh how the time FLIES by! She has grown so much and she learns new things everyday! She is a pretty smart cookie. Here is a great story about her.

The other day I was showering in our bathroom in the bedroom. Annie was asleep int the front room. I get out only to hear her screaming crying. I picked her up, looked at her and told her that if she ever sees that I am not in the living room, then she can crawl through the kitchen, down the hallway to our bedroom. I didn’t think she’d really understand. But it was worth a shot. 
Well today we went to Costco. When we got home I had lots of stuff to take up. And of course everything at Costco is huge, so I could only take 2 things up with me when I took Annie up to the apartment. I gave her some toys and ran out the door hoping she didn’t see me. I then tried to army pile everything onto my arms. (It did not work out) I was out there for about 2 minutes, and when I got into the house, Annie was crying but she wasn’t in the living room where I left her, she was past the kitchen in the hallway headed to our bedroom!! I was so proud of her for trying to find me. She is so so smart! I am so happy that she is beginning to understand things.   
Here is a picture that shows how she’s developed over the 9 months.
I can’t believe how much she has grown. I love my little lady! 
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Here it goes!

Last night I was reading my scriptures and during my reading I was impressed to start a blog. I’m not sure why I felt this way, but I decided to act upon what I felt. So here is my blog, I’m hoping to be a famous blogger one day. I was doing some research on blogging, and realized that it is going to take some time to get famous, but it’s worth a shot right?

When choosing a name for my blog I thought of many names and they just didn’t even sound good. I decided to look in the Children’s Songbook from church. I was inspired by the idea from my sister who has a giveaway site at Her site name is from the songbook as well. I found the song titled The Still Small Voice. I thought of the name and figured that the still small home would fit perfect in what I’m blogging about. I like the name, don’t you?! 🙂

So, you may be wondering what this blog is going to be about, well let me tell you! I always try new recipes! It’s my favorite thing to do. I want to keep an update of recipes, crafts, and everyday life. I am also the Primary President in my Ward, (for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, here is a link to an awesome website for our church, you can learn lots from it!  I will share some ideas that we have from Primary as well. It will be random bits of everything, but it will mainly be focused on recipes and crafts.

So welcome to my blog, and here’s to something new! 
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