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Homemade wall art, very unique and easy!

I have seriously been needing something on my bedroom wall, it only has a few picture and so I decided to attempt this wall art decor. It turned out cute, but I wish I would have used a painting instead of a picture like I did. It would have turned out much better if it had been a painting I’m sure. The thing I like about this is that anything can be on your picture and it’ll still look awesome, because you can only see bits and pieces of it. Here’s mine. It could of turned out better, but I love the jagged letters, it makes it unique, and that’s what art is, right? 🙂

I couldn’t get a picture without the glare, but it turned out  okay. Definitely not my best DIY project.
What you need:
  • Second hand store painting or picture, mine was only $3.00 (I did picture and I wish I would have done this with a painting instead!
  • Craft paint
  • Vinyl letters
  • Paint brush
  1. Start out by selecting a quote, scripture, saying, name, anything you can think of. Once I know what you want to put on your picture get your vinyl letters and cute them out. Don’t stick them to the painting yet, you will want to get thing organized first. 

I got these at Walmart for $3 in the school supplies area. I will definitely be using these for future projects. Actually my next project involves these as well. Stay tuned, eager one! 🙂  

Here is how it should look like cut out.
    2.   Next stick the letters on the picture. 
I like this picture because it reminded me of Jamaica, where Jon served his misison. 🙂 He told me it wasn’t even close to looking like Jamaica, but I still think it looks like it. 
   3.   Get your craft paint and paint brush and paint the whole picture.

4.   This next step it vital! I really wanted to see what it looked like, but my husband said to do one more coat, so I did, and it was a bad decision. ONLY DO 1 COAT. It will end up looking like this….oh well, I still like it and it give it a feel of real craftsmanship! 😉 Don’t tell me differently. Haha.
When you’re all done hang it up and smile at your accomplishment! 
Now as I said before, mine is not perfect at all, this for sure wasn’t one of my most proud of DIY projects. But I love it none the less. Having this saying right by my bathroom in my bedroom is a perfect way to remind me of my MANY MANY BLESSINGS! Happy crafting all! 🙂 

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